A Little Bit on Yoga & My Approach.

A physical smile slowly forms from the depths of my inner core, translating outwards into spirals of ecstatic energy. A notion of peace exudes from every fibre of my being, spreading outwards metaphysically, spiritually and physically. I know that in the fluid motion peace has surfaced to its extreme. This peaceful feeling state scatters all boundaries of time, dispersing fragments with every awakening breath, eager and prepared to push the confines of our current physical manifestation, of our 2D perception. Here lies our connection to spirit. Intact with fluid movement, its still inward gestures continue to draw me in and helps me unify my strength with stillness…A subtle boundary containing vastness of possibilities….A dance with the natural rhythm of slumbers sweet muse… Cascading towards portals, undulating whisks of freedom… Floating… Free… Om…Peace… Peace… Peace.


    I’ve never been obsessed with getting it perfect, to be able to position my body in the most awkward ways, to be able to stay in one position for more than 5 minuets. The only thing I’ve been obsessed with is finding the alternative yoga sequences away from what I sometimes feel are constraints and lack of freedom. Most would disagree, that the traditional way is the best way. But I feel the more dynamic the movement for me the greater the stillness is and that yoga shouldn’t have any form of restrain.

    I’m self taught in yoga and have been practising for over 9 years.  My first introduction was when I stumbled across a Shiva Rea yoga DVD at the Mind Body and Spirit festival in London when I was 17 years old. I’ve only ever been to 7 yoga classes. No special treatment. No special location. No special diet. No particular style of clothing. Just me, my comfortable rags, my body, my connection and of course help from the DVDS. It was from using these DVDs that I built on my own dynamic natural yoga flow and teamed it with the intensity of ecstatic dance. This has allowed me to build confidence and allow myself to combine my true love that is Shamanism with Yoga. A combination I have yet to see in the mainstream.

     shiva shiva2

– Shiva Rea. She inspires me more than words can say. You can imagine how i felt when i attended her Yoga Trance Dance workshop and had the pleasure of shimmying with her. ECSTATIC!

    There’s no rush, no set date to which to obtain so called ‘perfection’. Your movement is already perfect the way it is. You’re simple extending and uniting your body with your breath, directing the flow of the energy to better connect with a higher energy and with the beautiful light that is actually already within you… A light that is attainable even without the need to physically search for it. Though solitary in my approach I’ve met countless yoga practitioners who also prefer to go at it alone. You must know that it’s ok to practise unaccompanied by crowds. That it’s ok to feel the need for the door to be closed, for the Sun and Moon to greet you as your companion.

maya maya2

 – Another inspiring beauty. She helped me break a few more barriers i felt were in place. Her book is amazing too.

   However you choose to approach yoga always make sure it’s right for you and your body. You only have one temple in this life…Use it well and shower yourself in tides of blessings, breath and slow sustained movement, naturally and effortlessly moving towards the natural rhythm of your breath and higher self – your soul.

Some benefits of Yoga:

To feel the full benefits of yoga you’ll need to do it regularly and spend some time detoxing your mind and body. You will gain strength and flexibility. You’ll feel more confident and positive. All cares will slip away and you will feel so alive. You’ll learn to listen to your body and your intuition as well as learn to create a union between breath and movement, connecting to the ever present life force of the universe.

Some useful websites:

http://www.shivarea.com – Shiva Rea

http://www.mayaspace.com – Maya Fiennes

http://www.yogajournal.com – Yoga Journal

http://www.acroyoga.org – AcroYoga

www.danyasa.com – Eco Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica


One thought on “A Little Bit on Yoga & My Approach.

  1. Wow…what a wonderful article…writings and FEELINGS:-)
    Just started yoga at home two months ago…been drawn to it for several years but I guess I finally gave myself permission to do it.
    Now I do my yoga with my DVD as a teacher…looking forward to yoga on the walkway out to the lake…surrounded by the beautiful Swedish wilderness I live in.
    Would love to have you share your skills, talent, inspiration and Yoga at Earthway Experience 🙂

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