Wildflower Revolution: Bee as your Power Animal and the Heart Awakener

Our Wildflower Revolution is approaching which means our wildlife is slowly awakening and nature is beginning to bud again. I’d like to share with you an extract on the Bee as your Power Animal (also known as Totem or Animal Spirit Guide) written by a fellow Reiki Shaman, Jim Pathfinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi) and taken from his book titled ‘Dreams of the Reiki Shaman. Expanding Your Healing Power.’ This is an excellent extract that dwells into the Bee as your Power Animal and helps you connect with them on a spiritual level.


 ‘The essential elements of bee as a power animal are these:

 –         Foremost, bees live in colonies and, while they are individuals, they also practice a mass-mind that gives them a unity of purpose and sense of belonging.

   Thee bees are telling you that you can be an individual while also “tuning in” to support all around you and becoming one with others of whom you may not be aware. If at any time you feel lost, alone or frightened, close your eyes, become “one” with you bee power animal with the intent to return to the hive; and there, you will find a great source of solace, healing power, fortitude, and peace shared among others. Note: All is dark within the hive; bees chew bark and sap, which is itself a healing balm, to seal all cracks and fissures to maintain total darkness and constant humidity and heat, which they provide even in temperatures well below freezing…They exist in the hive totally by feel and second sight…they maintain a cooler temperature by adjusting the wings to beat at the same frequency – again to raise vibration rate, but this time with a different intent; showing how united meditation can translate into real results. The hive is the “womb” home most of us recognize intuitively but fail to find in the “real” world.

–         Secondly, of course, bees make honey.

The essence of the bee and her interaction with her environment provides a transformation of something fleeting (a flower) and boastful into something lasting (honey) and sustaining. It could not happen without all the elements coming together – flower, earth, sunshine, bee – to create a new, unique beauty upon earth. When you become the bee or tap into that energy, you are sharing all the beauty on the earth and by your mere presence you are transforming those gifts into a unique new gift that is not just beautiful but also sustaining to a larger population!

–         Third, all but a few bees are female.

The drones (males) mostly lounge around the hive doing nothing; their sole purpose is to vie with all the other wild drones in the area to mate with the queen, if they can, when she’s ready. Then, their lives end. The importance here is that the beehive is raw female energy; female empowerment. For women, this can be life-changing; that focusing on pure female energy can provide structure and support for going forward. For men, to have the bee as a power animal can be equally as powerful – allowing both sides of the personality to become balanced, to be able to see and feel in a complete new way…By focusing on the bee, and becoming one with the bee, a man can find tremendous healing power – reconnecting with source and foundational power that has been lost, forgotten or rejected in the past….I believe that the bee very well could be the power animal of this age – leading to a more coequal empowerment an shift in paradigms.” – Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi)


– My Cat, Pepsi has no objections to having bees as friends and would like you to become part of the Wildflower Revolution to help save them! 😀 Here she’s posing with the Heart Awakener Tarot card from the deck ‘Animal Wisdom Tarot’ by Dawn Brunke and illustrated by Ola Liola. It’s one of my fav tarot decks that I own and helps me connect with the animal kingdom. The card represents ‘Relationship, Recognition, Blessings, Union and Joy. It represents the balance between give and take and is associated with Dreams, Prophecy, Illumination, Sun and Love. The card shows one coming home to self and the longing felt to meet our soul so that we can awaken the spiritual divinity within. It brings Blessings and Balance – to follow your own heart. “Trust the loving relationships. Shine the fullness of who you are and express your feelings freely.”

Here’s a small list of books if you’d like to know more about “Power animals” or “Totems”:

  • Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer and Beverly Lu Latter
  • Pocket Guide to Spirit Animal by Steven Farmer
  • Power Animals: How to Connect with You Animal Spirit Guide by Steven Farmer
  • Animal Spirit Guides by Chris Lutticau
  • Animal Speak By Ted Andrews
  • Shamanic Spirit by Kenneth Meadows

Love Light Joy and Brightest Blessings. Aho! xxx

Animal Wisdom Tarot. Heart Awakener

Animal Wisdom Tarot. Heart Awakener


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